BIG MOUTH All Loved Up: Lemon Tree

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Merk: Big Mouth Aroma's
Model: BIG MOUTH All Loved Up: Lemon Tree
Beschikbaarheid: 2 - 3 Days
An explosion of powerful citrus flavor! Never compromise on fresh flavor that will energize you for something you love. Stop wondering, puff and wait for everything nice happening.
ProductgegevensReally is so good and it’s filled with just a few incredibly simple ingredients: raspberries, a lime, a mandarin and a lemon.
For good mood and motivation there are fizzy bubbles on top. That’s it. So, you can enjoy your dessert which is really fun –
there’s something really magical about discovering something totally delicious!
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Artikelnummer 412523
Merk Big Mouth
Inhoud Aroma 10ML
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